Upcoming performances

Suite, performed by Explore Ensemble
08/07/22, Wigmore Hall, London (wp)

Sentimental drifting music, performed by Ensemble L’Instant Donné
25/09/22, La Marbrerie, Montreuil, Paris
10/10/22, Opéra de Lille

Set of four, performed by Ensemble Mosaik
12/10/22, Kesselhaus in der Kulturbrauerei, Berlin

Set of four, performed by Explore Ensemble
02/11/22, King’s Place, London



In April 2022 I was in residency with Explore Ensemble at Aldeburgh, working on a new sextet for them, Suite. The filmmaker Rebecca Salvadori documented the residency, and a longer film will be released soon. A clip of Suite, due to be premiered at Wigmore Hall in July, can be heard below.

lawrencedunn · Suite (clip)

In June 2022 I presented a new piece for piano and electronics, The answer at Dai Hall, AME, Huddersfield. This performance above was recorded by Simon Reynell. Thanks so much to Ryoko Akama for the invitation to be in residency at AME.

In June 2021 Ben Smith gave a stellar performance of For piano (dancing) at Durham. I made a synchronised score video for this performance. The piece was originally written for Philip Thomas, premiered in January 2018.

In late 2020 Juliet Fraser’s record Spilled Out From Tangles was released on HCR Records. On it was a performance of While we are both, which I made a synchronised score video for above.

In November 2020 Explore Ensemble performed Sentimental drifting music at Maida Vale Studios, London, for the remotely broadcast HCMF 2020. I made a synchronised score video for this performance above.


Past performances

The answer, performed by Lawrence Dunn
11/06/22, Dai Hall, AME, Huddersfield

While we are both, performed by Juliet Fraser
09/12/21, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge
06/03/22, GMEM, Opera de Marseille

Sentimental drifting music, performed by Explore Ensemble
10/11/20, BBC Maida Vale Studios (HCMF 2020)
30/09/21, Glasgow Cathedral

For piano (singing), performed by Ben Smith
09/06/21, Durham University

We are all okay, performed by Ensemble Modern, cond. Enno Poppe
01/03/20, Cresc. Biennale, Frankfurt

Habitual, performed by Sarah Saviet
08/01/21, Ackerstadt Palast, Berlin
05/03/19, City University, London

Set of four, version for five, performed by Apartment House
13/12/18, London Contemporary Music Festival

Carrying, performed by Quatuor Bozzini
21/09/18, Klangspuren Schwaz

While we are both, performed by Jessica Aszodi
14/11/18, SARC, Belfast

Disappointment rondeau, performed by Slagwerk den Haag
07/09/18, Het Huis, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Utrecht (wp)

While we are both, performed by Insomnio and Natascha Young
09/09/18, Tivoli Vredenburg, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Utrecht

Carrying, performed by Quatuor Bozzini
06/09/18, Geertekerk, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Utrecht
Broadcast live on NPO Radio 4, Avondconcert

For piano (singing), performed by Gregor Forbes
09/06/18, Glasgow Experimental Music Series

Habitual, performed by Sarah Saviet
18/11/18, Moderne Musik Nijmegen
19/11/18, Splendor, Amsterdam
27/04/18, Sankt Gertrude, Cologne
06/07/17, Snape Maltings, Aldeburgh (wp)

Set of four, performed by Plus-Minus
27/03/18, City University, London (wp)

For piano (dancing), performed by Philip Thomas
25/01/18, Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield (wp)

Claribel, performed by Sarah Saviet & Imri Talgam
19/12/17, Tel Aviv University

Three Heames Settings, performed by Loadbang
02/11/17, Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield (wp)

Carrying, performed by Quatuor Bozzini
26/10/17, Sound Scotland, Aberdeen (wp)
25/04/17, Jeunesses Musicales, Montreal (prelim. version)

While we are both, performed by Juliet Fraser
09/02/17, Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield (wp)
28/04/17, Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago
16/06/17, The Exchange, Penzance
27 & 28/06/17, Oxford House, London

Ambling, waking, performed by BBC Scottish Symphony Orch., cond. Ilan Volkov
07/05/17, Glasgow City Halls, Tectonics Festival (wp)

Claribel, performed by Aisha Orazbayeva & Joseph Houston
26/01/17, Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield (wp)

Two hundred pieces of music, performed by the Set Ensemble
11/12/16, Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham (wp)

Old / Misc.

In December 2018, Apartment House performed of a quintet version of Set of four at London Contemporary Music Festival, with a newly written cello part.

credit: David Laskowski

Anton Lukoszevieze, Philip Thomas, George Barton, Mark Knoop & Mira Benjamin
Thanks so much to Igor and Jack for the invitation to be a part of LCMF.
The performance was recorded by the BBC, and video documentation can be seen here:


A few videos of performances from Gaudeamus Muziekweek in September 2018 are now available. It was a huge privilege to work with such fine performers.

Disappointment rondeau

Performed by Slagwerk den Haag: Pepe Garcia, Niels Meliefste, Gabriele Segantini & Frank Wienk

While we are both

Performed by Natascha Young and Insomnio (kbds. Sabien Canton, Enric Monfort, Laura Sandee & Pascal Meyer), cond. Ulrich Pohl


Performed by Quatuor Bozzini (Isabelle Bozzini, Stéphanie Bozzini, Alissa Cheung & Clemens Merkel)

A short interview with me was also shot, available here.


I made a film for Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2018, which combines Claribel and Carrying, performed by Aisha Orazbayeva & Joseph Houston, and Quatuor Bozzini. Film footage is from NRK’s Nordlandsbanen Minutt for Minutt, and the text is from Jean Piaget’s The Child’s Conception of the World.


In 2017, I edited the Cerenem Journal, the journal of the Huddersfield postgraduate composition department. This edition included conversations with Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion, Christian Wolff, Michael Finnissy and Cassandra Miller, Mira Benjamin and Luke Nickel, Joseph Kudirka and Mark So. The online version can be read above, or downloaded directly here (pdf).

Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion’s video dance project, 52 Portraits, can be seen here.